Customer Experience
Customer Experience is the process of meeting customer needs and wants, when they want, and delivered in a positive and memorable way in order to meet their goals and transform their lives.

Health Clubs, Fitness Centers and Personal Training Studios are in the business of transforming lives. We help your members and clients achieve fitness and health goals by providing meaningful and lasting experiences that produce the change they and you desire.

We help you facilitate personal transformations by providing individualized custom experiences for each and every client in your center.

Customer experience goes beyond traditional customer service. Customer Experience is not just saying hello to your clients and customers, and providing equipment for training. Customer Experience requires engaging members in every aspect of their visit, including excellent service at every customer touch point. Customer Experience is affected by factors like customer service, staff and member interactions and results. All of these factors need to be identified, scripted and delivered through empowered staff members.

Attention to how every aspect of your business is presented daily from the time they enter until they exit your facility must be planned to elicit rewarding member experiences. A complete customer experience differentiates your center from low cost commodity clubs and impersonal big box clubs. Personalized customer experiences add value, command premium prices, and keep your members loyal.

Customer experience integrates a “team” approach to the total member experience. We teach everyone on your staff how to have a positive impact on those factors that affect your customer experience. We teach your service desk personnel, lifeguards, exercise staff, managers, child care staff, and every single person on your staff how to be effective customer experience providers. We help motivate each staff member to do his/her part in an overall team approach to transforming members’ lives.

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Operations Assessment

We perform a review of your entire operation to evaluate factors of success including but not limited to member acquisition, retention, reporting and responding, and all day-to-day operations of your business. The end result is practical recommendations with training on how to implement these recommendations.

This assessment includes:

    Financial analysis
    Fee structures
    Membership breakdown by category
    Observations of customer service
    Separate/inclusive itemized GL codes (Revenue and Expenses)
    Observations of member experiences
    Review of current marketing strategies
    Billing and collection procedures

We use this information to get a better understanding of your business and to develop an overview of your operations. We identify the missing pieces that can mean the difference between success and failure. Included is the entire operation from entry into your center to services, facilities, customer service, marketing and the total member experience.

Medical Component

What is Medical Fitness?
Medical Fitness services range from a basic Physician referral program to completely integrated, physician supervised, assessment and outcome driven chronic disease, post rehabilitation and prevention programs. All Medical Fitness programs should be directed by staff with proper credentials and training.

Medical Fitness can be added in as little as 200 square feet in any existing center and will serve as a part of the continuum of healthcare. Medical fitness services can include wellness programs, weight management, physician referred exercise programs, post cardiac rehabilitation and post physical therapy programs, diabetes and cancer exercise programs and prevention programs for high-risk populations. These programs can be population specific such as programs for Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer or Fibromyalgia or more general in nature.

The case for adding a Medical Fitness component to your fitness center is compelling. Consider the following:

• Since January 1st, 2011 every single day more than 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. That will continue every single day until 2030.

• 31% of adults are obese and 15% of children and teenagers age 6-19 are overweight. Obesity has recently been listed as a disease by the American Medical Association.

• As more and more obese children become obese adults, the diseases associated with obesity, such as heart disease, cancer, and especially diabetes will continue to increase.

• In 2005, almost 1 out of every 2 adults had at least one chronic illness.

• One in two adults reports a musculoskeletal condition requiring medical attention. Musculoskeletal conditions are expected to escalate in the next 10-20 years due to the aging population, and sedentary lifestyles.

• Musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are the leading cause of disability in the United States and account for more than one-half of all chronic conditions in people over 50 years of age.

• The higher recreational activity levels of our senior population will also contribute to the increase in musculoskeletal injuries.

Here is how you and your center benefit:

• Differentiate your club and services from low cost, low service clubs
• Provide a new source of members
• Add a new revenue stream to your center
• Open new markets for your center
• Position your staff and center as experts on the community
• Increase retention
• Provide a needed community service

For years fitness centers have tried to add a physician referral program and have had marginal success. Although this referral system is improving, certain practices and procedures need to be followed in order to be effective and have good relations with the medical world.

Become skilled at designing and implementing programs while learning the dos and don'ts for operations. This produces excellence in service and contributes to your center's overall success. Such value added services will differentiate your center from other commercial fitness centers and place you at the top of the list of proactive health care providers.

Learn how to create and execute this medical component in every aspect of operations including training your staff, establishing policies and procedures and knowing how to reach out to hospitals, physicians, rehabilitation units, and physical therapy centers to form win-win partnerships. There are a high number of individuals who can benefit from your facility and help. The end result is more members, better care and services, and increased revenue for your center.

You will gain an understanding of every aspect of medical fitness operations including:

Integration learn how to establish complimentary services that help patients following rehabilitation or therapy. Having integrated services will help your members achieve their personal goals of health and fitness.

Programming Implement programs to recruit patients from cardiac rehab, physical therapy, and other medical services and how to design and implement beneficial programs like weight management and transition.

Oversight gain an understanding of how to monitor your medical fitness programs and provide services necessary for health improvement.

Outcomes necessary for some future healthcare insurance benefits, you learn how to track outcomes of members and patients with chronic diseases and conditions and multiple risk factors for health. Effectively communicate with physicians providing them with the information they need to manage their patients.

Corporate Outcomes an increasing number of companies incentivize employees to participate in health and fitness activities. Companies require outcomes such as employee involvement. Gain an understanding of the important metrics to report.

Medical Marketing understand how to target physicians and other healthcare professionals. Communicate the essential information. Physicians are busy. Learn ways to get the information to them without disrupting their day. Learn how to connect with and become an essential part of the local healthcare system.

Medical Advisory Board this group is essential to establishing roots in the medical community. We will help you recruit medical personnel and provide you with methods to get board members involved in oversight of your medical fitness program and generating clients.

Let us help you add the Medical Fitness Component to your center. Contact us to discuss options for help.

Marketing Plan Development
We will help you develop a strategic marketing plan based on your target membership as well as community make-up. We set sights on acquiring new members to exceed your expectations and train your sales staff on how to “close the deal”.

Financial Performance
After review of your financial records, we will make appropriate recommendations for each line item - both revenues and expenses. We will train your management staff on how to properly react to deficiencies in any revenue sources as well as how to reduce expenses if applicable.

We first perform a budget analysis and find ways to streamline costs, employee efficiency and look at fiscal realities. We can then help you to learn easy methods of developing a budget if you are just getting started. For existing centers detailed budget line items need to be based on objective performance in the past as well as current trends and opportuinites. We can show you how to prepare a “realistic” budget and how to surpass the numbers for success.

Policies and Procedures Review
We review your P&P to ensure that they are of sufficient detail for necessary daily operations of your center. This will include everything from job descriptions to emergency procedures. If you don’t have one, we will work hand-in-hand with you to develop your own P&P.

Staff and Management Duties, Responsibilities, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Performance
After reviewing your current job descriptions and interviewing each and every staff member, we will make recommendations for job descriptions and ensure that all staff understand their role and responsibilities. We will look at every job for its effectiveness and efficiency. We will train staff in ways to improve their performance and be more efficient. If you do not have job descriptions, we will develop them for you in conjunction with your expectations of each position.

We will observe employees’ performing their jobs and look at membership, attendance, and programming to see if your staffing is sufficient or insufficient along with recommendations. Budgeting for staffing can be a challenge – we make it easy for you to determine the number of staff needed in your center. We will work with personnel issues and staff policies and procedures to eliminate low productivity and stress, create a fun work atmosphere, and increase overall team performance.

Employee Training
Employees can never learn too much. We show staff members how to become more effective in performing their job duties. This training ranges from front desk/reception to sales, aquatics, babysitting and exercise staffs. Your staff will learn how to act as a team and follow practices that makes successful centers profitable.

Start-Up Planning and Presales
We can develop all operational policies and procedures for effectively running your new center. We also advise and aid in the construction of job descriptions together with hiring and training of all staff, help determine essential equipment, plan for marketing presales, designing and instruction on implementing programming, and scheduling of all staff. In addition we can advise on facility design and provide you with a “turnkey” fitness center. If you are planning on adding a center, we can assist in making all centers operate in a consistent manner. This includes companies interested in investigating the potential for start-up of a fitness center within their own organization. We will show you how to attract more consumers at lower acquisition costs

Adding the Medical Component
Any fitness center or health club can add a medical component to their operations. However, in order to be effective and have good relations with the medical world, certain practices and procedures need to be followed.

We can help you develop this medical component by training your staff, establishing policies and procedures and teach you how to reach out to hospitals, doctors, rehabilitation units, and physical therapy centers to form win-win partnerships.

Member Acquisition and Marketing (internal and outreach)
Our proven methods of advertising and member referral programs attract more members and retain them. Many centers waste money on marketing that simply does not work. Learn how to be effective in your marketing to the interests of potential members and gain an understanding of how to instill club-loyalty in your current members. We will provide you with promotion/advertising suggestions.

We will help your sales staff understand and be aware of goals and have sales tools available to them in order to reach and surpass your center’s goals.

Member Experience (including customer service)
The total member experience does not stop with customer service. A good experience includes results and interactions with staff, management, and other members. Gain the knowledge of how to promote great member experiences so you retain them as members and motivate them to recruit others to your center.

Member Retention
Many centers mistakenly concentrate on recruiting new members at a cost that is much higher than retaining the members you have. Gain an understanding of the factors that affect your members and keep your attrition rate low.

Special Populations Recruitment
Too many fitness centers forget to market to those who can most benefit from your programs and services. Those with diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cardiac disease, pulmonary conditions and management of other diseases or conditions are only some of the groups that need help, and you can provide that help. Learn how to reach these individuals, get them interested in using your facilities to improve their lives. These are not an easy audience to interest in exercise however we teach “tried and true” methods of marketing to special populations.

We can help you design and implement programs that will interest your members and recruit non-members for participation (these are prospective future members). We will design programs around your current population of members with efforts to “connect” with the interests of the community. Learn how to use member comments and surveys to determine your approach to effective programming.

Personal Training/ Floor Coverage
Most centers that advertise “full service” do not deliver as advertised. We can teach your exercise staff how to be effective in supervision on your exercise floor and how to effectively convert members to personal training, increase your personal training revenue, and provide the “best” for your members. Learn the science behind selling personal training.

Corporate Membership Recruitment
An increasing number of companies are realizing the benefits of keeping their employees healthy. Together with insurance incentives, companies are offering the likes of health screenings and seminars and are interested in facilities in which to host these events as well as provide for productive exercise. A beneficial return on investing in employee health has been objectively reported to those companies who undertake wellness programs. Let us teach you how to interest companies in participating in health promotion at your center. If you are a company with an existing wellness program and fitness center, we can help you recruit additional employees to participate in such a healthy approach to their lifestyle.

Medical Partnering and Integration
Establishing referral patterns and relationships with a medical center, hospital, or group of physicians is not an easy task. While these entities have a sincere interest in the health of their patients, your center can provide facilities and services to help keep patients healthy. Whether it’s helping manage chronic disease or providing a continuum of care for patients completing rehabilitation, you can partner with various medical organizations to increase your membership and provide continued patient care. Learn how to establish these relationships which benefit the patient as well as your center. We can also help you to develop and implement a “Transition” program that provides for closer supervision of these patients. You will learn how to coordinate clinical services and staff to promote integrated services.

Wellness Programs
Businesses and various organizations promote health through wellness programs. Make your center the facility in which to implement these programs. We can teach you how to approach these companies and organizations and interest them in having your center become the facility to offer their wellness program. You will gain an understanding of how to implement and track these programs and help individuals lead a healthier life.

Equipment and Recommendations Procurement
Whether you are planning for a new center or are simply interested in updating your equipment, we can help you plan for your needs and get special pricing from various equipment suppliers. We can base recommendations on your membership demographics, and capital available.

Strategic Planning
We will help you plan for your short-term future as well as long-term. Let us show you how to be effective in your planning and ensure that proper procedures are in place.

We will teach you how to acquire and retain more members, increase integration services, improve staff effectiveness and efficiency while improving customer service per staff position, and provide you with written action plans and subsequent follow-up procedures to analyze, improve, refocus, and redirect programs and strategies for increased profitability.

Management Training
Your business is only as good as your leadership. Managers and Directors often need attention paid to their abilities to manage staff as well as manage their own departments. Manager actions are vital to instilling a “team” approach to success.

We can help establish ongoing controls, provide mentoring, and recommend programs that will help your managers become better leaders. We can teach your managers to get the most out of their staff and maintain a good productive attitude at work. Knowing how to gauge an employee’s performance without micro-managing is a very effective way to ensure good staff performance.

Business Organization
We will review your business organization and financial reporting policies and procedures along with accounting/financial reviews and follow-up. Specifically we will address inefficiencies in billing/collection, report filing, accounts payable and receivable status, make capital expenditure recommendations and ensure effective policies and procedures for maintenance and repairs to your facility and equipment.

Increase YOUR Bottom Line $$
There are numerous factors and practices that affect your profitability. We can review all operations and make appropriate recommendations for you to become more successful. We use proven techniques to acquire more members, retain more members, and give each and every member a quality and positive member experience. We will also show you how to increase sales, revenue and profitability.

Feasibility studies and facility design
We partner with top experts in feasibility, development and construction or renovation of facilities.

For more information on any of these services, please complete the Information Request Form and we will connect with you.